The Morgue

Escape Room


(choose one of the following stages for your entire game)

Stage 1 or 2 - $26  (Not Scary)

Stage 3      -  $28   (Scary)

Stage 4  - $30 (Scary + Live actor)

*taxes not included


Stage 1 & 2 - Ages 8+, Family Friendly

Stage 3 & 4 - Ages  13+ (recommended age)

Stage 4 is call to book only*

If you are unsure of what stage to choose we can always change it and discuss it right before we start your game. The stage you choose is the way the entire game runs for you.

Stage 1- Lights On (no jump scares)

Stage 2- Lights Off, Flashlights 

(NO jump scares/NO live actors)

Stage 3- Lights Off, Flashlights (jump scares and more)

Stage 4-  All of stage 3 plus Live Actor

 (call to book only)

Escape Room Door


"It's the late 1990's. The Pathologist has gone missing. You and your fellow Detectives have been called in to investigate her disappearance. But something evil is preventing you from leaving. Can you and your fellow Detectives finish your investigation and make it out before evil consumes you? " 


35% Success Rate

All bookings are private

*Please allow 24 hour notice for stage 4 as we will need to staff and prepare for your scary visit*

2 - 9 Players

Morgue Door. What's behind it?

Amount of Players 2-9

Recommended players: 3-6

*Stage 3 requires 3 or more players*

*Stage 4 requires 4 and more players*

60 Minutes

All Stages are have the exact same puzzles and difficulty level. The only thing that changes is the atmosphere of the room itself. You can choose which stage you would like during online booking or when you call to book. Can't choose? Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your options.

Start your investigation here!

Fazed and Confused

It's 1976

Flashback to the 70's!
Escape Room

Tomorrow is the annual prank day by the Seniors in your highschool. They are coming after you! To save yourself, you and your friends have snuck into one of their houses.

Can you get in and out fast before the Seniors get back? You definitely do not want them to catch you.


Escape Room
Escape Game
Night out
Family fun
Date night


*taxes not included

42% Success Rate

2-5 Players

Escape Room
Escape Game

45 Minute Escape Room

Unlike our Morgue this room is not scary and great for the whole family.

 *Please note a 24 hour cancellation policy on our FAQ page* 

Travel to 1976 right here!

 "We don't create a fantasy world to escape reality. We create it to be able to stay."
- Lynda Barry