"Lawless" Mega Game (NEW!!!!)

Large Groups

Team Building Escape Room

 The Mega game has been designed so that 30 - 150+ players play at one time for 60-90 min. 

Best type of Team Building is a Portable Escape Room that comes to you and gets everyone communicating and working together to finish a task.

Work together and Solve the Crimes!

Lawless Mobile Escape Room for large groups

 "Lawless"- it's the roaring 1920's! A villainous Mastermind has been executing some big crimes! In an attempt to catch them, you and your investigating team has been called in to assist. Can your Detective Unit solve the crime? And possibly arrest the illusive scoundrel?  

Parties/Corporate Team Building

Corporate Events Escape Room


Great for Team Building Events, Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Fun, Stag and Does, Weddings, Family Reunions, Work Get Togethers... the list is almost endless.

Please e-mail for pricing and availability.

Jurassic Escape

We Come To You!

Portable Escape Room. Bring the game to your event or workplace

 Easy to set up in an office or small room so that your employees can do an Escape Room for Team Building without leaving work.

Fits in our 10x10 Tent for that extra touch!

Save the Island!

Jurassic Escape Portable Escape Room for events, team building and more

 You have snuck back on to the Island. a company has tried to take over but deactivated the security system and a new genetically modified dinosaur has escaped and flying around the world. Track the dinosaur and reactivate the security system to recapture it. 

All we need:

Mobile Escape Room. Bring the fun of an Escape Room to your next event or party.

  •  Access to power. 
  • 4-6 Players each game.
  • 15 or 20 min game
  • Pricing for Half day or Full day Rentals

Has been played at Windsor ComiCon and Niagara ComiCon!

Transformers Inspired Room

Celebrity Voiced

Celebrity voiced escape room. Portable game.

Voiced by Gary Chalk himself. Voice actor of Optimus Primal in the Beast Wars cartoon and Optimus Prime the video games.

Save Earth


 The Evil Transformers are planning an attack on our planet. Can you and your fellow team mates figure out which city they plan to attack and send troops before time runs out? 

Be a hit!

Portable Escape Room for all ages

All these rooms are sure to keep your friends, colleagues and family talking for months.

Demon Trap

Award Winning Puzzle Game

Portable Escape Room

Took 1st place in Escape Room Addicts First Annual Puzzle Competition

Fun For Everyone

Portable Escape Game

For groups of 1 to 5 to play for 10 minutes.

Great Introduction to Escape Rooms

Portable Escape Room

Gives everyone a task to play an think. This game is sure to keep everyone talking.

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