Corporate/Parties Booking



Need something new and exciting for team building exercises? An escape room is great way to do so! A new interactive world with problem solving, time management, and to promote leadership skills. We do have corporate rates, and our rooms are designed with team work in mind. 

 Catering is available from On A Bun who is conveniently located upstairs. 

Looking for something to be brought to your business or event? Look below at our Portable Rooms.



Why not enjoy a new place to have a party? That includes Bachelor/Bachelorette, Birthday, Guys/Girls Night Out, or the Holidays! We can set you up with a private event just for you and your guests so you won't be bothered by other players entering Fazed.

Catering available from On A Bun who is conveniently located upstairs.

Suitable for birthday parties aged 9 and up.

*Please note that a parent or guardian must be in the building at all times during the game play* 


Be a big hit!

Call or email us today and we would be glad to help you out in any way and answer any questions you may have. We can schedule your event during non-business hours as well.

"Lawless" Mega Game (NEW!!!!)

Large Groups


Mega game has been designed so that 30 - 150+ players can play at one time for 60min in an event hall, large conference room and more. 

Parties/Corporate/Team Building


Great for Team Building events, Christmas Parties, Birthdays... the list is almost endless.

Please e-mail for pricing and availability. This game is still under construction. 

Work together and Solve the Crime!


 "Lawless"- it's the roaring 1920's! A villainous Mastermind has been executing some big crimes! In an attempt to catch them, you and your investigating team has been called in to assist. Can your Detective Unit solve the crime? And possibly arrest the illusive scoundrel? 

Team Building at your Business or Party

Transformers Inspired Room


The Decepticons are planning an attack. Can you and your fellow team mates figure out where and send troops before time runs out?


Please call or e-mail for pricing.

Can be set up in a small room instead of the tent. We can teach you how to reset the room or one of our staff can be on hand to run the room for you!

Want to be Different?


All the fun of an escape room but at your house or work!

Half day Rentals or Full day Rentals Available.

 For use at Parties,or inside your Business. a 15 Minute room with fast reset means more employees to get enjoy it. 

Jurassic Escape

Jurassic Escape


You have snuck back on to the Island. a company has tried to take over but deactivated the security system and a new genetically modified dinosaur has escaped and flying around the world. Track the dinosaur and reactivate the security system to recapture it.

We Come To You!


Easy to set up in an office or small room so that your employees can do an Escape Room for Team Building without leaving work.

All we need:


Wi-fi and access to power. That is it!

We can have 4-6 in the room at a time with a 2 minute reset.